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at69  Bryn Harrison - ‘Vessels’

An extraordinary labyrinthine 75-minute work for piano solo, performed by Philip Thomas, ‘Vessels’ featured as one of the Wire’s top 15 CDs of composed music for 2013.

“A very beautiful and fundamentally odd experience.”  Nick Storring

                                                        Youtube extract

                           £8 CD

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Anonymous Zone Werder 2005(1)

The Anonymous Zone       Werder 2005/1 project            Max Eastley - Clocks of the Midnight Hours

LL Partial Noe Cuellar & Joseph Clayton Mills Skogen Magnus Granberg  'Despairs had Governed Me Too Long' Martin Iddon  'pneuma' Christian Kesten, Mark Trayle duo   Annette Krebs  Berlin series no.2

at70   ‘LL’ by Partial (Noé Cuéllar & Joseph Clayton Mills)

Strange and compelling music from a Chicago-based duo, composed using items found in the basement of a local thrift store.

“A beautiful, superlatively musical document”  Brian Olewnick

Youtube extract

at71  Skogen - ‘Despairs Had Governed Me Too Long’

Exquisite extended composition by Magnus Granberg for an ensemble of ten extraordinary musicians.

“Creates a singular atmosphere of drama and mystery, with an ethos that’s totally involving.”  The Wire

Youtube extract

at72  Martin Iddon - ‘pneuma’

Five works by a little-known composer whose music “gives voice to the secrets hidden within sounds”.

Youtube extract 1 (pneuma.sarx)

Youtube extract 2 (pneuma.kharis)

at73   Berlin series no.2     split CD

Christian Kesten & Mark Trayle  - Field with Figures no.1-4

Youtube extract

Annette Krebs - rush!

Youtube extract

Coming next  June 2014                      

at74x2    Laurence Crane - Chamber Works

A double CD with over two hours music played by Apartment House, including ‘Sparling’, ‘John White in Berlin’, ‘Estonia’, ‘Four Miniatures’, ‘Raimondas Rumsas’, ‘Riis’, ‘Ethiopian Distance Runners’ and other works.

soundcloud extract (‘Sparling’)

youtube extract (piece #4 from ‘Seven Short Pieces’)

soundcloud extract (‘Seven Short Pieces’)

Pre-orders £15

at75   Berlin series no.3  split disc

         Roananax 1999 - archive recording of quartet of

Axel Dörner, Robin Hayward, Annette Krebs & Andrea Neumann

         Obliq 2014 - recent work by trio of

Pierre Borel, Hannes Lingens and Derek Shirley

at76   Berlin series no.4  split disc

         Sabine Vogel - luv  

         work produced as part of Landscape Quartet

         Chris Abrahams / Sabine Vogel duo - kopfüberwelle

at77   Berlin series no.5

         Konzert Minimal play Antoine Beuger’s

          tschirtner tunings for twelve (2005)

Audio extracts from the new Berlin series discs coming very soon

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New Online project: Sarah Hughes graphic score

‘Architectural Model Making’

Sarah Hughes Architectural Model Making

We sent a copy of ‘Architectural Model Making’, a graphic score by Sarah Hughes, to 14 musicians and asked them to send in their realisations of the piece. The first eight realisations are now up online, and you can listen to them and read an interview with Sarah about her work here

The realisations already online are by:

Ryoko Akama

Lali Barrière / Eduard Màrquez

Seth Cooke

Bruno Duplant   new

Choi Joonyong

Phil Julian

Alfredo Costa Monteiro

Olivier Toulemonde

Realisations by the other musicians will be added as they are ready.

To see a larger image of the score click here

sarah hughes

other online projects

In addition to the new project with Sarah Hughes, there are two other new online projects that will be ready soon.

Variations 2 develops the structure used on Christoph Schiller’s recent CD ‘Variations’ to create new musical chains featuring a wide variety of musicians.

And the Mobiles Project will present three original collaborative works co-ordinated by Johnny Chang, Dimitra Lazaridou-Chatzigoga and Samuel Rodgers, each involving a range of other musicians.

website redesign

The Another Timbre website is currently being completely redesigned, and when it is relaunched it will not only look different, but be much easier to read on tablets, mobile phones etc. At that point we will also start offering pay-for downloads of the whole catalogue.

Thanks to Richard Pinnell for making these changes possible.

Cafe Oto concert - Monday 5 May 2014

Bryn Harrison’s ‘Vessels’ + Tim Blechmann’s ‘Sine Tempore 3’

London premiere of Bryn Harrison’s monumental 75-minute ‘Vessels’ for solo piano played by Philip Thomas

+ UK premiere of ‘Sine Tempore 3’, a composition for 256 spatially distributed oscillators by Austria’s Tim Blechmann

Youtube extract ‘Vessels’

Soundcloud extract ‘Sine Tempore 3’

More information here   


8pm, Monday 5 May 2014

Cafe Oto,

18-22 Ashwin Street, Dalston,             Book single ticket                              £6

London E8 3DL

Tickets £8 on door, or £6 in advance         Book two tickets                           £12

Map for venue

Reservations here          

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Recent Releases

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at68r Ingrid Lee - ‘Mouth to Mouth’

Four compositions by the Los Angeles-based composer Ingrid Lee, dealing with concepts of contagious movement. ‘Of Monsters’, ‘Cells’, ‘Bead, Spit’ and ‘Another’.  

Read an excellent review by Gil Sanson here

                                                        Youtube extract

                           £7 CDR

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at66  Richard Glover ‘Logical Harmonies’

Seven compositions of process music by the UK-based composer Richard Glover. Performers include Dominic Lash, Philip Thomas, musikFabrik, Bob Gilmore, Ensemble Portmanto and Seth Woods.

“Stunningly great work”  Brian Olewnick

                                                        Youtube extract

                           £8 CD


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at67  ‘Variable Formations’

A semi-improvised piece recorded live at Cafe Oto in February 2013

Johnny Chang viola                    Angharad Davies violin

Jamie Drouin electronics              Phil Durrant electronics

Lee Patterson amplified objects    John Tilbury piano

“The greatest sextet since Verklärte Nacht”  Ian Parsons

                              £8 CD              Youtube extract

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at65r  Ferran Fages ‘Radi d’Or’

A composed work combining instruments and live electronics by the Barcelona-based musician, realised by Ferran’s own ensemble:

Olga Ábalos flute and alto saxophone    Lali Barrière sinewaves

Tom Chant tenor and soprano saxes      Ferran Fages acoustic guitar

Pilar Subirá percussion

“Very strong…subtly unique.”   Brian Olewnick

                                    £7 CDR      Youtube extract

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