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illogical harmonies  Johnny Chang Mike Majkowski Bryn Harrison Receiving the Approaching Memory

at99  Angharad Davies & Tisha Mukarji -

       ‘ffansïon | fancies’

Exquisite improvisations by Angharad Davies on violin and Tisha Mukarji on piano.

“An album to return to time after time, year after year.”

John Eyles, All About Jazz

Youtube extract

at96   Bryn Harrison  

        ‘Receiving the Approaching Memory’

Bryn Harrison’s mesmerising composition, played by Aisha Orazbayeva (violin) and Mark Knoop (piano).

“Deft and gossamer music…every moment is alert, agile and ready to take flight”  The Guardian

Youtube extract

at97  Linda Catlin Smith - ‘Dirt Road’

Canadian composer Linda Catlin Smith’s highly acclaimed duo for violin and percussion, played by Mira Benjamin and Simon Limbrick.

“This is a magical piece and recording, very likely the thing I've played the most this year so far.” Michael Pisaro

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at98  ‘Volume’ by illogical harmonies -

        Johnny Chang & Mike Majkowski

A joint composition by two of Berlin’s leading experimental musicians, both members of Konzert Minimal.

“...delicacy, fineness, virtuosity and purity. A great disc.”

Julien Heraud, Improv-Sphere

Youtube extract

Linda catlin Smith  Dirt Road Ffansion / Fancies  Angharad Davies  Tisha Mukarji

CD Releases - Violin +1 series, June 2016  

at100   ‘Seaside’  John Tilbury | John Lely | Dirar Kalash

John Tilbury recording on clavichord for the first time, playing compositions by Christian Wolff (two of his ‘Tilbury’ pieces) and John Lely, plus improvising with the young Palestinian musician Dirar Kalash on oud, and John Lely on electronics.

Youtube extract 1 - ‘Line with Accompaniment’ by John Lely

Youtube extract 2 - Biyar ‘Adas  (trio improvisation)

John Tilbury Dirar Kalash John Lely Christian Wolff 'Seaside' Dante Boon - clarinet (and piano) Jurg Frey giuliano d'angiolini  cantilena d'incise  appalachian anatolia  cristian alvear Resonators - Irene Kepl, Petr Vrba, George Cremaschi

New CD Releases, November 2016

So Another Timbre hits 100, with the release of five new CDs, taking us to at104. To celebrate the occasion we’re having a sale, with substantial price reductions on all our releases, including even the new releases - see opposite for details of the sale.

Fittingly at100 features John Tilbury, who has appeared on several of the label’s most successful discs, and also includes a combination of composed and improvised music.

It’s also fitting that the new CDs involve several musicians who many people will not have heard of. The label has always tried to promote the work of little-known musicians alongside that of more established names.

Finally, given the recent focus of the label, it’s also fitting that the other four discs all contain composed music, but in all cases, compositions that leave the musicians some freedom of interpretation. For more details and explanations of how the music works in each case, click on the album covers.

at101   Dante Boon - ‘clarinet (and piano)’

Jürg Frey plays three clarinet pieces by Dante Boon, who accompanies Jürg on piano on two of the pieces. Wonderful delicate music from the Amsterdam-based Wandelweiser composer.

Youtube extract - from ‘3x’ (2011)

Youtube extract 2 - from ‘O’Hare’ (2014)

at102   Giuliano d’Angiolini - ‘Cantilena’

Six excellent chamber works by the Paris-based composer Giuliano d’Angiolini. An early review in The Guardian describes it as “sublime, poised music, full of open spaces”.

Youtube extract 1 - from ‘Aria del flauto eolico’

Youtube extract 2 - from ‘Finale’

at103   d’incise - ‘Appalachian Anatolia’

A 40-minute work for solo modified guitar by the young Swiss composer d’incise, exquisitely played by Chilean guitarist Cristian Alvear, whose double CD of the guitar music of Jürg Frey has been one of the highlights of the label’s recent output. Beautiful and hypnotic music.

Youtube extract

at104   Resonators

Wonderfully atmospheric music from the Czech Republic by the trio of Irene Kepl, George Cremaschi and Petr Vrba, documenting their 2015 project exploring highly resonant architectural spaces using acoustic instruments and feedback mechanisms.

Youtube extract - Affective Labor by George Cremaschi

Variations 2b

The Variations 2b online project is finally complete. Using an elegant chain-like structure devised by Christoph Schiller, eleven musicians have contributed to the project: Dafne Vicente Sandoval, d’incise, Magnus Granberg, Jonas Kocher, Andrea Neumann, Erik Carlsson, Katt Hernandez, Sebastien Branche, Michael Vorfeld, Eric Ruffing and Christoph Schiller.

variations 2

Variations 2b

For more information about how the project works and to listen to the completed Variations 2b piece, which is extraordinarily good, go here


We offer downloads of all our CDs as either lossless flac, or mp3-320 files. If you want downloads, please email info(at) and we will send you the music.

Files cost £5 per disc, or £10 for a double CD.

Future Releases - Canada Series

January 2017 will see the first batch of releases in the Canadian composers’ series - a double CD of chamber music by Linda Catlin Smith, and single discs by Martin Arnold, Chiyoko Szlavnics, Marc Sabat and Isaiah Ceccarelli.

A second batch of Canadian late in 2017 will include music by Cassandra Miller.

Performers in the Canadian composers series include the Bozzini Quartet, Apartment House, the Jack Quartet, Philip Thomas and Mira Benjamin, and the Konus Quartett.

After that, who knows, it’s a long way off. But one project that is definitely happening is the first commissioned pieces funded by Another Timbre. Jürg Frey and Magnus Granberg are currently composing substantial new works for Ensemble Grizzana, which will be premiered in late 2017. Both composers started from the same two pieces by Renaissance composers, but from that common beginning they have worked independently and with different compositional methods, so the end results should be unique.

More on that project as it develops, but you can hear the source compositions here:  

William Byrd - O Lord, How Vain are all our Frail Delights

Johannes Ockeghem - Déploration sur la mort de Binchois

Postage costs and Paypal

Postage is charged at a flat rate of £3 per order however many discs you buy. However, due to a change in the way Paypal operates, when you are compiling an order for more than one disc, it looks as if Paypal is adding £3 postage per disc. In fact when you finally place the order, it will only charge you £3 for postage, as it should be.

We apologise for this annoying change, and are trying to get Paypal to go back to the original system, but rest assured that in the end you will only be charged £3 postage.

If you are uncertain, please email us at info(at) letting us know which discs you want, and we can arrange for a direct payment.

Apologies for these problems which we are trying to resolve. This only seems to affect some people and we haven’t worked out why…..

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Sale finished

The recent sale has finished, but thanks to everyone who bought CDs during it. We sold nearly 2,000 discs in three weeks, which goes a long way towards ensuring the label’s future for the next couple of years at least.

Almost all Another Timbre’s income comes from disc sales; we don’t receive any grants or arts funding. So we’re really grateful to all of you who still buy music and make possible the production of experimental music CDs.