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laurence crane chamber works 1992-2009 apartment house berlin series no.5 konzert minimal antoine beuger

at74x2    Laurence Crane - Chamber Works

A double CD with over two hours music played by Apartment House, including ‘Sparling’, ‘John White in Berlin’, ‘Estonia’, ‘Four Miniatures’, ‘Raimondas Rumsas’, ‘Riis’, ‘Ethiopian Distance Runners’ and other works. For more information click on cover.

youtube extract 1 ‘Sparling’ - version for clarinet & guitar

youtube extract 2 ‘Seven Short Pieces’

youtube extract 3 ‘John White in Berlin’


at75   Berlin series no.3  split disc

         Roananax 1999 - archive recording of quartet of

Axel Dörner, Robin Hayward, Annette Krebs & Andrea Neumann

         youtube extract

         Obliq 2014 - recent work by trio of

Pierre Borel, Hannes Lingens and Derek Shirley

         youtube extract


at76   Berlin series no.4  split disc

         Sabine Vogel - luv      

         work produced as part of Landscape Quartet

         youtube extract

         Chris Abrahams / Sabine Vogel duo - kopfüberwelle

          youtube extract


at77   Berlin series no.5

         Konzert Minimal play Antoine Beuger’s

          tschirtner tunings for twelve (2005)

         Youtube extract



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at78   Jamie Drouin & Lance Austin Olsen

            ‘sometimes we all disappear’

Youtube extract

More information and interview with Lance Austin Olsen


at79  Ryoko Akama, Bruno Duplant & Dominic Lash

            ‘next to nothing’

Youtube extract

More information & interview with Bruno Duplant


at80  John Lely ‘The Harmonics of Real Strings’

            played by Anton Lukoszevieze

Youtube extract

More information & interview with John Lely


at81x2   Morton Feldman

       ‘Two Pianos and other works 1953 - 1969’

        played by John Tilbury & Philip Thomas

Youtube extract 1 - Two Pianos

Youtube extract 2 - False Relationships and the Extended Ending

More information & text on Feldman by Philip Thomas


Other Online Projects

Anonymous Zone Werder 2005(1)

The Anonymous Zone       Werder 2005/1 project            Max Eastley - Clocks of the Midnight Hours

Recent CD Releases               

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There are two interesting online reviews of the Berlin series of CDs.  

John Eyles in ‘All About Jazz’ here

And Thomas Millroth at ‘Sound of Music’ here (in Swedish)

We’ve had a lot of enquiries recently from people who don’t use CDs, and who want to buy downloads. We intend to make downloads of all of our discs available, but it’s taking a long time to set this up. For all those who can’t wait, please email and we will send out audio files of any Another Timbre disc (either flac or mp3) Downloads cost £5 per disc, or £10 for a double CD.


Composer Martin Iddon, whose first CD ‘pneuma’ was released on Another Timbre early in 2014, has won a British Composer’s Award in the chamber music category for his string trio ‘Danäe’, which featured on the CD. For a limited period we have posted the entire piece on soundcloud, and you can listen to it here

Two other Another Timbre CDs appeared in the top 50 discs of the year in The Wire’s review of 2014 - Magnus Granberg’s group Skogen playing his composition ‘Despairs Had Governed Me Too Long’, and Laurence Crane’s ‘Chamber Works 1993-2007’ performed by Apartment House.

There will be a new CD from Magnus Granberg early in 2015.

News:  Downloads and Accolades

Pneuma Despairs - Skogen Laurence Crane

Also the new Morton Feldman double CD got 5-star reviews in The Guardian and The Independent. You can read the Guardian review here

The reviews prompted a flood of sales, and this one will sell out at some point next year, so if you want a copy, don’t leave it too long.

Feldman Piano

Online Projects

1.  The Mobiles Project

The Mobiles Project is inspired by the modular sculptures of Alexander Calder, and facilitates the production of similarly modular, open-formed musical works.

The project was co-ordinated by Samuel Rodgers, Dimitra Lazaridou-Chatzigoga and Johnny Chang, each of whom asked other musicians to produce tracks for their Mobiles.

Contributing musicians include Peter Ablinger, Cremaster, Anne Guthrie, Rie Nakajima, Nate Woolley, Catherine Lamb and Xavier Charles.


Click on image to go to Mobiles

2. Variations 2 (after Christoph Schiller)

‘Variations 2’ will grow to become a set of original hour-long collaborative pieces made by chains of musicians working with the brilliant structure developed by Christoph Schiller on his recent CD ‘Variations’.

You can listen to the pieces as they grow and follow the music as it is passed from musician to musician in a kind of relay.

Musicians taking part in the Variations 2 project include Angharad Davies, Magnus Granberg, Andrea Neumann, Erik Carlsson, Dafne Vicente-Sandoval, d’incise and Marjolaine Charbin.

Christoph Schiller Variations 2

Click image to go to Variations page

3. Sarah Hughes Graphic Score Project

We sent a copy of ‘Architectural Model Making’, a graphic score by Sarah Hughes, to a variety of musicians and asked them to produce realisations of the piece. Nine realisations are now up online, and you can listen to them and read an interview with Sarah about her work here

Ryoko Akama

Lali Barrière / Eduard Màrquez

Seth Cooke

Bruno Duplant   new

Bonnie Jones / Tim Albro  new

Choi Joonyong

Phil Julian

Alfredo Costa Monteiro

Olivier Toulemonde

sarah hughes Sarah Hughes Architectural Model Making

To see a larger image of the score click here