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New CD Releases, November 2015      click on covers for more information

Recent CD Releases               

at86x2  Jürg Frey

‘Grizzana and other pieces 2009-2014’

Played by Ensemble Grizzana

Double CD

Youtube extract #1 - Grizzana

Youtube extract #2 - Petit fragment…

Youtube extract #3 - Fragile Balance

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at87    Magnus Granberg

‘How Deep is the Ocean, How High is the Sky?’

for 10-piece ensemble of baroque instruments, prepared piano, objects and electronics

Youtube extract

at88   James Saunders

‘assigned #15’  

Played by Apartment House:

Anton Lukoszevieze, James Saunders, Bridget Carey,

Simon Limbrick, Nancy Ruffer, Philip Thomas and

Kerry Yong

Youtube extract

The programme for this year’s Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival is astonishingly good. Jürg Frey is the composer in residence, and there are several excellent-looking concerts of his music, together with a number of equally mouthwatering events featuring, among many others, AMM (in the classic Prevost, Rowe, Tilbury trio), Jakob Ullmann,  La Monte Young, Apartment House, Julio Estrada, Ryoko Akama, the Bozzini Quartet, the Berlin Splitter Orchestra, the Arditti Quartet, Alvin Lucier, Chiyoko Szalvnics, the Arditti Quartet, Dominic Lash etc.

You can see the full programme here

The concerts below feature Jürg Frey as player, composer or both:

Saturday 21st Nov - new solo work for bass played by Dominic Lash

Sunday 22nd Nov - string quartets played by the Bozzini Quartet

Tuesday 24th Nov - various works by the Konus Quartet

Wednesday 25th Nov -  Reductive Journal launch concert

Friday 27th Nov - daytime concert by Ensemble Grizzana, playing several pieces from the new double CD on Another Timbre

-  then an evening concert of piano pieces played by Philip Thomas, including three of the works on the new CD ‘Circles and Landscapes’


We’ve received a lot of enquiries from people who don’t use CDs, and who want to buy downloads. We intend to make downloads of all of our discs available eventually, but it’s taking a long time to set this up. However until then you can buy audio files of any Another Timbre discs by emailing info(at) and we will send you the music as either flac or mp3(320) files.

Files cost £5 per disc, or £10 for a double CD.

Radio Show and Recent Reviews

I was recently interviewed at length by Derek Walmsley of The Wire as part of the Advetures in Sound and Music series on Resonance FM, talking about the change in focus of the label’s releases, and playing extracts from various pieces from Another timbre and elsewhere. You can hear a podcast of the programme here

There have been several very good reviews of the recent batch of CDs.

All three discs are reviewed in an excellent piece by John Eyles here

Magnus Granberg’s How Deep is the Ocean… is also reviewed by Justin Thomas here and by Lucas Schleicher here

And James Saunders’s assigned #15 gets an excellent review from Ben Harper here, from Julian Cowley in The Wire (see below), and from Lucas Schleicher here

Jürg Frey’s Grizzana is also reviewed by Ben Harper here and by Nathan Thomas at Fluid Radio here, and there was a great review by Nick Cain in The Wire:

“Sheffield label Another Timbre is enjoying a bumper 2015, with John Tilbury and Philip Thomas’s marvellous double set of Morton Feldman’s piano works followed by a succession of standout releases from Frank Denyer, Common Objects, Magnus Granberg and James Saunders. The momentum is maintained with this substantial overview of the recent work of Jürg Frey, a Swiss composer who has a long and prolific association with the Wandelweiser imprint and collective.

Any typecast notions of spartan silence and schematic conceptualism are immediately dashed by ‘Grizzana and Other Pieces’, whose beguiling series of compositions are predicated to a surprising degree on conventional tonality, follow a discernible linear compositional logic, and happily deploy simple intervals and unadorned harmonic constructs to explore transparent contrasts in pitch and textural relationships. All ten may be Wandelweiser-like in their self-imposed limitations – most obviously a slowness of pacing and clear structural restraints – yet each is in different ways intensely sensuous, as well as preternaturally alert to the acoustic potential of spatial and dimensional divergences.

Performed sensitively by Ensemble Grizzana, the album is an epic study of fragile balances, to borrow one of the set’s titles. Even its most complex and multi-layered works – ‘Extended Circular Music No.8’ for septet and the seven part title track for sextet, both from 2014 – sound perilously collapsible and feather-light, assembling string and wind-drones and piano detailing into melodic convergences and shimmeringly dense drone harmonics.

‘A Memory of Perfection’ for solo violin from 2010 focuses on more stridulent textures, and other pieces examine degrees of fragmentation. ‘Lieues d’ombres’ for solo piano is a pointillistic arrangement of limpid chords, whose shifts in rhythmic patterns and mutating melodic linkages subtly though persistently threaten disintegration. The 31 minute ‘Area of Three’  for clarinet, piano and cello, falls apart before reconfiguring, its middle passage a flow of abstracted gestures separated by bouts of silence.

Harmony has the final say, however. Both discs are bookended by readings of ‘Petit fragment de paysage’ for duo, each by a different instrumental configuration. Simple in form, yet meticulously focused and detailed, its sustained chords and drones overlap in simple yet powerful, almost profound melodic confluences and counterpoints, in the process speaking eloquently to the virtues of restraint and engagement with tradition.”    Nick Cain, The Wire

“I’d like the performance to be as much an expression of the performers’ sense of the music as of mine,” Christian Wolff told fellow composer James Saunders  in a 2005 interview. Many conventionally trained musicians surely feel intimidated by that kind of trust and exposure. Others, such as the members of Apartment House, who perform Wolff’s work with notable conviction and success, thrive on that interpretive latitude. Creative imagination as well as intelligence, pleasure in exploration and discovery, inquisitive engagement with a wide range of music conceived in the wake of Cage and (not least) a well developed sense of fun seem to be requirements for such musicians, no less than technical skill and virtuosity.

Saunders’s assigned #15 is part of a series that draws material from his modular composition project #[unassigned]. A bespoke series – to use his word – and this realisation was tailored for a specific occasion, at St Paul’s Hall, Huddersfield in April 2015, and for a particular incarnation of Apartment House. Saunders himself, working with dictaphones and shortwave radio, and Kerry Yong playing chamber organ create a fuzzy glow, bristling with sferics, that hovers around enigmatic wispiness and threshold articulations. Scrapes, scribbles, taps and busy rummaging transmit from Bridget Carey’s viola, Anton Lukoszevieze’s cello, Nancy Ruffer’s flute, Simon Limbrick’s percussion and Philip Thomas’s piano. The result is engrossing: a luminous wash over textured scrawl and discreet graffiti: a Cy Twombly canvas in sound.       Julian Cowley in The Wire

In addition to all that there has also been a great article by Paul Kilbey looking at the aesthetic underlying several recent Another Timbre discs. It’s on the Music and Literature website, and you can read it here

frey piano Filip Kaplan tocando fondo Joseph Kudirka - beauty and industry

at89   Joseph Kudirka

‘Beauty and Industry’   Played by Apartment House

8 chamber pieces by one of the most original voices in experimental music in the USA, beautifully realised by Apartment House.

Youtube extract 1 - Beauty and Industry

Youtube extract 2 - 21st Century Music

at90   Klaus Filip & Leonel Kaplan  -  ‘tocando fondo’

Two extended improvisations for sine waves and trumpet by the Austrian / Argentinian duet. Careful, quiet and beautiful music.

Youtube extract

at91   Jürg Frey - ‘Circles and Landscapes’

Six absorbing works for solo piano by Jürg Frey, played by Philip Thomas. Five new or recent pieces, together with ‘In Memoriam Cornelius Cardew’ from 1993.

Youtube extract 1 - Miniature in Five Parts

Youtube extract 2 - Extended Circular Music #9

Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival

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