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Another Timbre CDs can be ordered directly from this website using Pay-Pal, or through specialist distributors (see below).

If you don’t have a Paypal account, you can email us at, and we will send you a Paypal Payment Request form, which you can pay by credit card without having a Paypal account

Or you can send a cheque or banker’s draft in pounds sterling to this address:

Another Timbre,

70 High Storrs Road,


S11 7LE


Please make cheques payable to Another Timbre.

Downloads:   All of our releases are also available as downloads, from Bandcamp here

CD Prices: single CDs costs 10 pounds

Double CDs  cost 18 pounds

There are currently two box sets available, which are our best-selling releases:  

The 5-disc box set of Morton Feldman’s Piano music (at144x5) costs £35

And the 4-disc box set of John Cage’s Number Pieces (at178x4) costs £33

Most of our older CDs (at01 to at100) are sold at discount prices:  single CDs @ £5, double CDs @ £10, and CDR’s @ £4

Every order has a postage charge of 4 pounds added to it.

This postage charge is the same for all countries, however many discs are bought, so that:    

1 x cd    = 14 pounds   (10+4)

2 x cd’s  = 24 pounds  (20+4)

3 x cd’s  = 34 pounds  (30+4)

4 x cd’s  = 44 pounds  (40+4)   and so on, adding 10 pounds per CD thereafter  


Another Timbre CDs can be ordered through the following distributors:

Europe:   soundohm    [italy]


America:  squidco        [usa]    


Asia:        ftarri    [japan]

  art into life  [japan]