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Christoph Schiller Variations 2 Werder 2005(1) sarah hughes

Online Projects

There are several online projects where you can listen to music for free on the Another Timbre website. Click on the images below to find out more and enjoy the music.

Manfred Werder 2005(1) project

Multiple actualisations of a famous text score by Manfred Werder.

Contributing musicians include Lee Patterson, Stefan Thut, Taku Unami, Julia Eckhardt, Matt Davis, and Anne Guthrie.

The Anonymous Zone

Listen to pieces of music without knowing who they are by, and decide without prejudice whether you like the track.

Then you can find out who the music was by.

The Mobiles Project

Taking the modular sculptures of Alexander Calder as their starting point, three musicians co-ordinated the production of open-formed pieces of music, asking other musicians of their choice to contribute tracks.

The co-ordinatiors were Dimitra Lazaridou Chatzigoga, Samuel Rodgers and Johnny Chang. Other contributing musicians include Peter Ablinger, Cremaster, Rie Nakajima, Nate Woolley, Xavier Charles and Catherine Lamb.

Max Eastley - Clocks of the Midnight Hours

Watch a highly-acclaimed documentary about the work of sound sculptor Max Eastley.

Sarah Hughes graphic score project

Sarah Hughes composed a graphic score and sent copies to a range of musicians who submitted their realisations of the piece.

Contributing musicians include Ryoko Akama, Seth Cooke, Bruno Duplant, Bonnie Jones & Tim Albro, Choi Joonyong, Alfredo Costa Monteiro, Phil Julian, Olivier Toulemonde and Lali Barriere & Eduard Marquez.

Variations 2 (after Christoph Schiller)

Using a brilliantly simple chain-like structure devised by Christoph Schiller, two hour-long compositions are being built by a range of invited musicians, including Angharad Davies, Erik Carlsson, Dafne Vicente-Sandoval, d’incise, Jonas Kocher and Marjolaine Charbin. Click on the picture to hear the pieces as they have developed so far.

anonymous zone mobiles