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Christoph Schiller Variations 2

Angharad Davies | Christoph Schiller | Erik Ca rlsson | Magnus Granberg | Marjolaine Charbin | Dafne Vicente-Sa ndoval | d’incise | Eric Ruffing | Andrea Neumann | Jonas Kocher |

Sebastien Branche | Katt Hernandez |

Variations 2a is an ongoing composition that will be developed on this website over the next few months. It will take the form of a kind of relay, with each musician contributing a 5-minute piece and then choosing another musician to pass the work on to.

The piece starts with a solo by Christoph Schiller, who chose to pass on to Angharad Davies. Angharad recorded her 5-minute piece and overlaid it on top of Christoph’s solo, and then passed it on to Marjolaine Charbin. When Marjolaine had recorded her 5 minutes, she laid it over Angharad’s solo, and then passed it on to another music, and so on, so that a chain-like structure develops.

You can hear the piece as it has evolved so far by clicking on the image below.

Variations 2a

Contributing musicians to date:

00.00 - 05.00   Christoph Schiller

5.00   - 10.00   Christoph Schiller + Angharad Davies

10.00 - 15.00   Angharad Davies + Marjolaine Charbin    

15.00 - 20.00   Marjolaine Charbin        

Next contributing musician tba

2015 variations 2a CAM.mp3


Christoph Schiller’s solo CD ‘Variations’ has a simple but brilliant structure in which a series of 5-minute pieces are linked in a kind of chain or canon:  

A, A+B, B+C, C+D, D+E, E+F, F+G, G.

‘A’, the first track on the disc, is simply a recording of a 5-minute solo improvisation. On track two that recording is repeated, but a second 5-minute piece (B) is overlaid upon it, giving A+B. On track 3 the second improvisation (B) is in turn repeated, but mixed together with a new 5-minute piece (C), so the third track becomes B+C, and so on. So each 5-minute piece is used twice, once mixed with the piece before it, and once mixed with the piece after it. The final track - G - also appears twice, first overlaid on piece F, but then finally as the solo which concludes the CD.

For more information about the original ‘Variations’ CD, including Dominic Lash’s interview with Christoph Schiller about the project, see here  And an extract from the disc is on Youtube here

variations 2b jan 16.mp3

Variations 2b    

Contributing musicians to date:  

00.00 - 05.00   Katt Hernandez solo

5.00  -  10.00   Katt Hernandez + Sebastien Branche

10.00 - 15.00   Sebastien Branche + Jonas Kocher

15.00 - 20.00   Jonas Kocher + Christoph Schiller

20.00 - 25.00   Christoph Schiller + Erik Carlsson

25.00 - 30.00   Erik Carlsson + Magnus Granberg

30.00 - 35.00   Magnus Granberg + Dafne Vicente Sandoval

35.00 - 40.00   Dafne Vicente Sandoval solo

Next contributing musicians: d'incise, Andrea Neumann, Eric Ruffing

Variations 2b is structured similarly to Variations 2a, but differs in three ways:

•  Christoph has pre-selected the musicians who will take part (see list in the box below)

•  Whereas on ‘Variations 2a’ the musicians hear the whole piece as it is developing, on ‘Variations 2b’ the musicians only hear the piece immediately before their’s, which may lead to a more disjointed and varied music.  

•  Whereas ‘Variations 2a’ will be presented as an ordinary, linear piece of music, on ‘Variations 2b’ the final piece will link back to the first, so that the music will ultimately form a circle: an hour-long piece that cycles continuously without beginning or end.

You can hear the piece grow by clicking on the image below.

Variations 2 is a project involving two new pieces of music which borrow their structure from Christoph Schiller’s solo CD ‘Variations’. On that CD Christoph combined several solo 5-minute performances  in an overlapping, chain-like structure.

For a fuller explanation of the structural concept, see Structure below. But you don’t need to understand the structure to enjoy the two new pieces - Variations 2a and Variations 2b - on which a range of musicians have been invited to produce their own 5-minute pieces, which are then linked together in the chain-like structure.