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The Anonymous Zone -  Archive Page #1


Daniel Barbiero  -  x-(y+z)=0

Daniel Barbiero – prepared double bass

duration  13:10

Photo © Andrew Bossi, Flickr

A native of New Haven, CT, double bassist and composer Daniel Barbiero has been active in improvised and experimental music and dance in the Baltimore-Washington area for several years as a performer, composer and ensemble leader. His music reflects his background in minimal, modal and open-form improvisation, and interest in verbal and graphic methods of scoring for small ensembles. In addition to his solo work, he currently is a member of the free improvisation trio Colla Parte (with saxophonist Perry Conticchio and percussionist Rich O’Meara) and is Music Director for the Nancy Havlik Dance Performance Group.

x-(y+z)=0 is one of a series of graphic compositions written and realized in the spring and summer of 2012. The series was meant to explore variations in resonance and timbre through a limited set of gestures arranged as discrete events bounded by rests of substantial length.  This performance of x-(y+z)=0 was realized on prepared double bass with minimal electronic processing.

The title equation describes the numerical distribution of events/gestures--there are 24 total, of which 12 (x) call for bowing below the bridge; 8 (y) call for bowing above/on the bridge; 4 (z) call for bowing the tailpiece.  Thus x-(y+z) = 12-(8+4) = 0.  
I am indebted to Stefan Thut for an email conversation that led to the composition
of this series.


Eventless Plot - Points of attraction

bells, singing bowls, objects, inside piano, analog modular synth, electronics Max/MSP

duration: 10:15

Eventless Plot is a trio from Thessaloniki, Greece, who borrow elements from different genres and aesthetics to build their own hybrid of sound. From free improv and noise, to new electronica, electroacoustic composition and jazz, their music remains always unconventional and contemporary. They experiment with a variety of instruments, analogue sources, field recordings and Max/Msp patches. Active since 2002 in the experimental scene, they have participated in numerous festivals such as “Synch festival” (Athens, June 2008), and have shared the stage with artists like Giuseppe Ielasi, Angel, Vladislav Delay, Thanos Chrysakis, Chris Cundy, James O’ Sullivan and others.

They have several releases in their archive including ikon (Granny records 2009) and Recon (Aural terrains 2012). Eventless Plot also work on designing sound and composing for art installations and film. In November 2008, at the request of Thessalonikiʼs International Film Festival, they composed a soundtrack for Victor Sjostrom's “Phantom Carriage” along with Granny records label mates Good Luck Mr. Gorsky. Currently e.plot's members travel between Thessaloniki and the Hague (Netherlands), extending their musical experience by researching electronic music and participating in many electroacoustic and free improvisation projects (including workshops with Richard Barrett, Peter Evans, Evan Parker, Sarah Nicolls among others), which have an obvious influence on the development of their new sound.

Points of attraction is an electroacoustic composition created from improvised material that was recorded in Thessaloniki and the Hague in 2012. Several cue points define the structure of the piece, attract or repel specific sound structures or indicate changes in pitch ,rhythm and timbre. Blocks of multilayered material are created in this way, forming patterns that move in between chaos and absolute order, evolving or surprisingly collapsing.



Antony Maubert   Untitled Improvisation (2012)

Antony Maubert - electronics

This improvisation explores complex and multilayered sounds from digital synthesis, controlled with a homemade controller, always with the aim of making digital sounds more organic.

duration  11:18

Antony Maubert is a self-taught electronic musician/composer & audio hacker. Unlike many other artists, he came late to sound experimentation and contemporary music.  During his academic studies he worked as a telephone operator, piano seller, barman, music teacher, car washer, night auditor, door-to-door salesman, school proctor, keeper, and then as a computer music teacher.  Since 2010 he has lived in Spain.

As a performer he uses amplified objects, audio programing, circuit bending, homemade instruments and hardware hacking. His electroacoustic works are based on the analysis and deconstruction of political and mass media discourse and ideologies, poetical metaphors from natural phenomena, and borderless spaces, métissages and cultural identity. His works have been performed at international festivals around Europe and South and North America.



Anton Lukoszevieze - Arborealmusik

‘Arborealmusik’ is a graphic score from 2005.  The two realisations presented here were performed in Huddersfield in 2012 by Anton Lukoszevieze (cello), Angharad Davies (violin), Phil Durrant (electronics), Jűrg Frey (clarinet), Radu Malfatti (trombone), Lee Patterson (amplified objects) and Philip Thomas (piano).  Version (a) is for septet, while version (b) contains two separate recordings by the same smusicians superimposed upon each other.

Duration 11:09

Cellist, artist and composer, Anton Lukoszevieze is one of the most diverse performers of his generation and is notable for his performances of avant-garde, experimental and improvised music. Anton has given many performances at numerous international festivals throughout Europe and the USA both as a soloist and as a member of new music ensembles. He is the founder and director of the UK-based experimental group Apartment House and is also a member of the Berlin-based Zeitkratzer ensemble.


Tim Feeney & Annie Lewandowski - Untitled Improvisation

Tim Feeney - percussion

Annie Lewandowski - piano and electronics

duration  13:41

Tim Feeney has performed as an improviser with musicians including cellist/electronic musician Vic Rawlings; the percussion trio Meridian, with Nick Hennies and Greg Stuart; pianist Annie Lewandowski; tape-deck manipulator Howard Stelzer; trumpeter Nate Wooley; sound artists Jed Speare and Ernst Karel; saxophonist Jack Wright; and the trio ONDA. He has recorded for labels including Accidie, Full Spectrum, Sedimental, Soul on Rice, Audiobot, Homophoni, and Brassland/Talitres.

As an improviser on the piano and accordion, Annie Lewandowski has recorded with Doublends Vert (Cistern, 2006; s/t, 2005), Caroline Kraabel (In the Garden City, 2009), Fred Frith (Long as in Short, Walk as in Run; 2011), and the London Improviser’s Orchestra (Improvisations for George Riste, 2008), and has performed with Sylvia Hallett, Theresa Wong, Jennifer Pike, John Edwards, John Butcher, Chris Cutler, Charles Hayward, Evan Parker, the London Improviser's Orchestra and others. She is a member of the group powerdove, and of the Cornell Avant-Garde Ensemble.

The duo is also collaborating on soundtracks to the short films of artist Michael Ashkin.


Fergus Kelly & David Lacey - Untitled Improvisation

The piece was composed from edits of duo sessions recorded in Dublin in 2011/12.

Fergus Kelly - prepared bass, feedback, percussion

David Lacey - acoustic & amplified percussion and electronics

Duration 11:21

Fergus Kelly is a sound artist from Dublin who has worked with David Lacey since 1997. He has also worked with Max Eastley, Mark Wastell, Paul Vogel, Danny McCarthy & Mick O’Shea. He plays with invented instruments, prepared bass, field recordings, electronics and percussion. He releases music through his CDR imprint, Room Temperature. A Congregation Of Vapours was released to critical acclaim in 2012 by Farpoint Recordings.

David Lacey is a musician from Dublin. He plays acoustic and amplified percussion / objects, drums and cassettes. He has longstanding playing collaborations with Rob Casey, Patrick Farmer, Daniel Jones, Fergus Kelly and Paul Vogel. He is a member of the group Chip Shop Music (with Erik Carlsson, Martin Küchen and Paul Vogel). He has had music released by Cathnor, Confront, Homefront, Mathka and Room Temperature.

Chip Shop Music:




Bruno Guastalla - SET ENDS

Composition for quartet played by the Set Ensemble

duration: 14:40

Recorded at Oxford Brookes University, September 2011

Bruno  Guastalla has been a violin and cello maker/restorer for the past thirty five years, as well as a practising musician. Questions around perception, language and shape-making come up a lot in his work. Bruno plays cello and has collaborated amongst others with Philipp Wachsmann, Dominic Lash and the dancer Macarena Ortuzar.  He  is  a member of the SET ENSEMBLE .




The title refers to the fact that in this piece the ends of musical gestures are fixed by time markers, not the beginnings.  It was initially made for double-bass and cello, as part of a dance piece performed in Oxford. This version (recorded by Simon Reynell in 2011) is for quartet, and was played by members of SET ENSEMBLE: David Stent (guitar) Sarah Hughes (zither) Dominic Lash (doublebass) and Bruno Guastalla (cello).


Pascal Battus   Untitled improvisation

Pascal Battus  electronics

duration: 16:46

Recorded in Paris in late 2008

                                                                                          Photo: Asier Gogortza

Sound artist, improviser, composer, Pascal Battus has developed a practice which is more concerned with sonic gestures, listening and the situation which determines them rather than with any particular instrument.  Among other sound sources, he uses guitar pick-ups, rotating surfaces, ‘environmental guitar’ (table-top electric guitar with contact microphone, various objects and electronics), percussion (amplified objects, or not).

His work has been broadcast on radio internationally (France Musique, Resonance FM…)

He has played throughout Europe and in the USA, Canada, Asia, the Middle East, Australia… both solo and more frequently with other musicians.  He often works with dancers and with performers from the plastic arts (video, lighting, sculpture…)  He has published drawings and was co-inventer of Sonic Massages (les Massages Sonores).

His discs have been released by Potlatch, Corpus Hermeticum, Amor Fati, Another Timbre, Cathnor, Organized Music From Thessaloniki, Herbal International…

Untitled improvisation was recorded in the basement of a Paris apartment.  Two small microphones were placed inside an upturned snare drum, and several ebows were used to vibrate the drumskin, which amplified the various vibrations (including certain bass frequencies which came from underground trains which were clearly audible in the basement.)

Leonel Kaplan- Anonymous Zone


Leonel Kaplan  Trumpet - Solo Improvisation

Leonel Kaplan - trumpet

duration: 19:00

Recorded by Gregory Büttner at the Blurred Edges Festival in Hamburg on May 5th, 2012

Leonel Kaplan was born in Buenos Aries, and has been part of the improvised music scene since the early 2000’s playing throughout Latin America, Europe and the USA alongside musicians such as Tetuzi Akiyama, Bhob Rainey, Xavier Charles, Michel Doneda, Diego Chamy, Nate Wooley,Tatsuya Nakatani, Axel Dörner, Lê Quan Ninh, Ivar Grydeland and many others.

Since 2007 he has working in duo with Christof Kurzmann (sometimes amplified by Edén Carrasco, John Butcher, George Cremaschi or dancer Nicole Bindler) and more recently he also formed 'Stereo Trumpet' with trumpeter Birgit Ulher.


Web page:





Katharina Klement  HOPE

Composition for piano & two transducers (2011)

duration: 10:00

HOPE was developed in 2011 for the multimedia project ‘HOLE: In Search of Opera without Opera’, and was performed at the Arts Festival Ptuj in Slovenia. (cooperators: Lynn Book,conception/voice/text – Doris Schmid, video – Robin Starbuck, video – Katharina Klement, conception/piano/electronics)

A musical motive is played back in many repetitions in the piano body itself with two transducers placed on its strings. In this way the material is gradually transformed without any further electronic aid.

Hope as a repetitive, always changing phenomenon.

HOPE is now available on the CD ‘Jalousie’ with other pieces by Katharina Klement:


Katharina Klement  Brandung III

Composition for stereo electronics (2011)

duration: 18:15

Brandung III is the third of a series of purely ‘acousmatic’ pieces, designed for loudspeakers.  The title refers to a poem by F. G. Lorca, and follows in an associative way its strong virtual pictures in his language. „Brandung“ means surge, and the basic material is the sound of water in its different aggregate states. But it is electronically transformed in many directions and builds up a new context. The last part, Brandung IV will follow soon.

Katharina Klement was born in Graz, Austria, and is a ‘composer-performer’ in the field of notated and improvised, instrumental and electronic music.  She has participated in numerous crossover projects in the areas music-text-video-performance, several works for mechanically and electronically customised piano, sound installations, and is the founder or a member of many ensembles for improvised and composed music.

Selected discography:

CD jalousie  solos and ensemble pieces by Katharina Klement, 2012, chmafu nocords - includes the piece HOPE

CD t(w)o wanderes  Lynn Book, voice & electronics - Katharina Klement, piano & electronics,     2011, KalK 10

DVD granular Katharina Klement, conception & piano - Thomas Grill, live electronics - Wolfgang Reisinger,

     percussion - Alfred Reiter, recording & mastering - Billy Roisz, video,      2009, Kalk 09

CD Katharina Klement    solo- and ensemble-works by Katharina Klement,      2008,  Edition Zeitton ORF

CD USE   Katharina Klement, p - Hermann Stangassinger, db - Hannes Schweiger, perc,        2008, Kalk 08

Katharina Klement - Hope Katharina Klement - Brandung


Jamie Drouin & Lance Austin Olsen

untitled improvisation

Jamie Drouin - analog synthesiser & radio

Lance Austin Olsen - objects & cassette tapes

duration: 10:00

Jamie Drouin & Lance Austin Olsen


Bruno Duplant  between wind and waves

Bruno Duplant - electronic devices

Angelica Castello - contrabass recorder

Pedro Chambel - microphone and amp

Sally Anne McIntyre - phonography

Lee Noyes - piano

duration: 20:00

Bruno Duplant - From Wind and Waves

Canadian artists Jamie Drouin and Lance Austin Olsen have been collaborating since 2000, exploring a mutual interest in sound as a modifier of perceptions, and diary-like record of temporal experiences. Their duo albums under the name DROUIN/OLSEN, and larger ensemble works, have established a distinct voice in the experimental improv scene, each release pushing their own approaches and processes into fresh, fertile ground.

Their performances and recordings show strong evidence of a lengthly dialogue between two artists - Drouin using a simple analog synthesizer and radio, Olsen using a series of amplified found objects and cassette tapes.

In their untitled work for Anonymous Zone, they once again reinvent their vocabulary, opting for a palette that partly imitates Japanese wooden flutes, or stringed instruments, but with a persistent serrated edge which purposefully resists having the composition rest simply as a beautiful object.

Bruno Duplant is a composer, improviser and multi-instrumentist (double bass, percussion, electronics, phonography...) living in the north of France. He has collaborated with lot of instrumentalists around the globe and has also made solo works for such labels as B-Boim, Engraved Glass, Peira, Ilse, Impulsive Habitat, Con-v, Unfathomless, Et le feu comme matière formatable technologiquement, Audiotong, Insubordinations and his own label curated with Pedro Chambel, Rhizome.s...  

For him, composing, playing, improvising music is like imagining, creating and sometimes decomposing new spaces/realities, new entities. But it is also a reflection on ‘memory’, not the historic one, but a memory of all things, spaces & moments.

His new works, mostly based on phonographies & graphic scores, perfectly reflect that.

The piece between wind & waves is a graphic score. Each musician interpreted it and the title independently as they felt fit, creating a hybrid but coherent sound entity.

The piece is dedicated to Michael Pisaro.

Joanna Bailie


Joanna Bailie  Artificial Environments Nos.3 to 5

from ‘Artificial Environments Nos. 1 to 5’ (2011)

duration 12:00

NB The original, full mixes of these pieces contain a vocal element (see below), and can be heard on Joanna’s website here:

The scores for the pieces can also be seen there.

                                                                                             Photo: Tiziana Penna

Artificial Environments Nos. 1 to 5 is the second completed set of pieces in a series of works that seeks to contextualize music and its processes through explanation. The explanation itself is fiction (even science fiction) and serves as an unreliable auditory programme note that is integrated into the sound world of the piece. Scratch the surface of this explanation a little though, and it becomes clear that the text is simply a metaphor for the compositional techniques that have been employed in making the music. On a broader level, but in a very small and modest way, the work is an attempt to introduce the outside world into the contemporary music concert hall, a tradition/aesthetic position that we might associate with certain American composers from the previous century. The recorded sounds in Artificial Environments Nos. 1 to 5 were captured in locations around Europe — the hills of Umbria, Copenhagen, Malmö, London and various places in central Brussels where I live. The recordings of the voice were made with the help of CESARE in Reims and De Pianofabriek kunstenwerkplaats in Brussels. The work was commissioned by CESARE and L'instant Donné.

Joanna Bailie was born in London in 1973 and has been living in Brussels since 2001. She studied composition with Richard Barrett, electronic music at the Koninklijk Conservatorium in Holland and in 1999 won a fellowship to study at Columbia University. Her music has been performed by groups such as Ensemble Musikfabrik, Exaudi, The Nieuw Ensemble, Apartment House, The London Sinfonietta, L'instant Donné and the Ives Ensemble. She has been broadcast by BBC Radio 3 on many occasions and programmed at events such as the Venice Biennale, Darmstadt, Huddersfield, SPOR Festival, Festival Reims Scènes d'Europe, the Borealis and Ultima festivals in Norway and the Transit festival in Belgium. Together with Matthew Shlomowitz she runs Ensemble Plus Minus.


Lee Patterson - A Spiral Ornament


Lee Patterson - A Spiral Ornament

duration: 16:00

Primarily concerned with the sound of things, Lee Patterson attempts to understand elements of his surroundings and culture through the act of listening. The related use of sound recording as a method to educate perception has led to a variety of projects scattered across various disciplines.

Collaborative projects have resulted in screenings with Luke Fowler, and releases with David Toop and Rhodri Davies, Lucio Capece, Graham Halliwell, Phil Durrant and Paul Vogel, Adam Bohman and Mark Wastell, amongst others. He recently contributed to the box set, Wandelweiser und so weiter.  Temperament as waveform with Vanessa Rossetto was released in March 2013.

Solo releases include Egg Fry #2 and Seven Vignettes.

He resides and works in Prestwich near Manchester.

A Spiral Ornament uses recordings of a steel spiral ornament (the kind of cheap shit new age tat often found in the rooms of stoners / students during the 1990’s, then commonly found in the choicest of charity shops during the early 21st century) prepared with a paper clip, amplified by a cardboard tube and struck with a series of improvised mallets, edited and shaped to remove most of the attack sounds, creating continuous forms.

Rob Casey & David Lacey


Rob Casey & David Lacey Untitled Improvisation

Rob Casey -piano

David Lacey - percussion, electronics

duration: 15:15

Recorded in Dublin at the Goethe-Institut in November 2009

Rob Casey is an Irish pianist/composer based in Dublin. As a composer he has had various works selected for performance by groups including the Association of Irish Composers, commissions performed at the i-and-e festival, West Cork Chamber Music Festival, Galway Arts Festival and Sonorities Festival in Belfast. As a performer he has played in the UK, France, Holland and Ireland and continues to stage varied projects that explore the grey areas between composed and improvised music.

David Lacey is a musician from Dublin. He plays acoustic and amplified percussion / objects, drums and cassettes. He has longstanding playing collaborations with Rob Casey, Patrick Farmer, Daniel Jones, Fergus Kelly and Paul Vogel.. He is a member of the group Chip Shop Music (with Erik Carlsson, Martin Küchen and Paul Vogel). He has had music released by Cathnor, Confront, Homefront, Mathka and Room Temperature.

Chip Shop Music:



Keith Rowe - The Anonymous Zone


Keith Rowe   Unsettlingly Horizontal

Keith Rowe - guitar and electronics

duration 10:15

Keith Rowe is one of the best known figures within improvised music.  He was the first musician to play ‘table-top guitar’, transforming the instrument’s sound-producing capabilities by laying it flat.  For many years he was a member of the improvising group AMM, playing alongside musicians such as Cornelius Cardew, Eddie Prevost and John Tilbury.  Since the 1990’s he has played with many other improvisers in various formations, as well as developing a distinctive approach to solo playing.

The solo piece for The Anonymous Zone was recorded at home near Nantes in France. Keith writes about it:  “In a room a young boy is listening to test match special on BBC radio 4 long wave 198 kHz. through a Philips D1875/00X, his mother once again request he cleans his teeth using a Braun electric toothbrush type 4736.... but he is too distracted playing a Nintendo DSi... Korg DS-10 plus by Xseed.”

Olivier Toulemonde


Olivier Toulemonde  untitled solo improvisation

Olivier Toulemonde - acoustic objects

duration 16:15                                                    Photo : Gaëtan Bulourde

Tiziana Bertoncini - Denti - notturno per F.Kafka

Tiziana Bertoncini graduated in violin and painting.

For many years her focus has been on contemporary music, written and improvised, and on intermedia projects, in which music and visual or text elements are part of a whole.   She has performed at many international festivals and contexts, and has been part of numerous dance, theatre, video and multi-media projects.

Her solo work includes composition, performance and installation.

She is part of the ensemble]h[iatus, which moves in the territories of improvisation and the interpretation of contemporary pieces.


Denti is a nocturne. Inspired by Kafka's dreams, it's pervaded by the atmosphere of a dreamworld. The evanescent violin sounds and voice are alternated by repetitive and obsessive structures, appearing and disappearing in the mist between sleeping and waking.  The sound materials are violin and voice, recorded and multi-tracked.

Olivier Toulemonde is an improviser, composer and phonographer who plays acoustic objects and amplified springs. 

In 1993, he was a co-founder of "Collectif Ishtar" (in Bourg-en-Bresse) together with 20 other musicians and dancers. A year later, he joined "Collectif et Compagnie" (in Annecy), where he first started working with electro-acoustic music.  He has composed music for installations, videos, films, radio and theatre pieces.

He plays improvised music with acoustic objects or amplified springs. He has played at countless European Festivals and plays often with N. Desmarchelier, M. Vorfeld, M. Thieke, M. Doneda, C. Sehnaoui, M. Forge, A. Palier, J. Wright...

He works on listening, sound research and the relationship between sound and space, and his most recent CD releases are on Another Timbre (‘Pie’n’Mash’ with Mathias Forge), Compost and Height (2009), FFHHH (Crickxstraat, with Agnes Palier), and Monotype Records (Le Terrier, with Michel Doneda and Nicholas Desmarchelier).

The untitled solo improvisation was recorded live on 10.02.12 at Oberdeck (Hannover) by Pit Noack.


Tiziana Bertoncini  Denti – Notturno per F.Kafka

Tiziana Bertoncini - violin & voice

duration 18:30


Manon Liu Winter  Insite 4  (2010)

for extended piano and pre-recorded sounds


Manon Liu Winter - piano & electronics

duration 15:15

Manon Liu Winter is a professor at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna and has also taught at the Impuls Academy since 2011. She plays both piano and clavichord, and works both as a composer and an improviser. Her intensive study of contemporary music has led to close collaborations with composers such as Luca Lombardi, Christian Wolff, Peter Ablinger, Dieter Schnebel, Katharina Klement, Klaus Hollinetz, Christoph Herndler, Konrad Rennert, Olga Neuwirth, Elisabeth Schimana and many others. In the course of her work, she has performed numerous solo recitals, world premieres and Austrian premieres.  

In her improvisation work she has collaborated with musicians such as Robin Hayward, Juun, Franz Hautzinger, Clayton Thomas, Christian Wolff, Isabel Duthoit, Peter Herbert, John Tilbury, Jon Rose, Kai Fagaschinski, Anne La Berge, Gene Coleman, Audrey Chen, Burkhard Stangl, and many more.

She is a member of the Ensemble EIS, deepseafish K and Franz Hautzinger’s Poet Congress. Her compositions have been commissioned by TanzHotel, the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation (ORF), the City of Vienna, RSO, the Museum of Modern Art Vienna (mumok) und Jeunesse Musicale.

In Insite 4 recorded sounds from the interior of the piano - the strings, frame and beams - were joined, i.e. ‘composed’, and are fed into the live solo performance. The past and how it is interwoven with the current moment, my own memories and how they relate to each other, my love of sound - all these drive me to explore the outer realms of what is possible, in an attempt to connect me wholly with the instrument.

Manon Liu Winter

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