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AZ #01      

Manon Liu Winter  Insite 4  (2010)

for extended piano and pre-recorded sounds


Manon Liu Winter - piano & electronics

duration 15:15

Manon Liu Winter is a professor at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna and has also taught at the Impuls Academy since 2011. She plays both piano and clavichord, and works both as a composer and an improviser. Her intensive study of contemporary music has led to close collaborations with composers such as Luca Lombardi, Christian Wolff, Peter Ablinger, Dieter Schnebel, Katharina Klement, Klaus Hollinetz, Christoph Herndler, Konrad Rennert, Olga Neuwirth, Elisabeth Schimana and many others. In the course of her work, she has performed numerous solo recitals, world premieres and Austrian premieres.  

In her improvisation work she has collaborated with musicians such as Robin Hayward, Juun, Franz Hautzinger, Clayton Thomas, Christian Wolff, Isabel Duthoit, Peter Herbert, John Tilbury, Jon Rose, Kai Fagaschinski, Anne La Berge, Gene Coleman, Audrey Chen, Burkhard Stangl, and many more.

She is a member of the Ensemble EIS, deepseafish K and Franz Hautzinger’s Poet Congress. Her compositions have been commissioned by TanzHotel, the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation (ORF), the City of Vienna, RSO, the Museum of Modern Art Vienna (mumok) und Jeunesse Musicale.

In Insite 4 recorded sounds from the interior of the piano - the strings, frame and beams - were joined, i.e. ‘composed’, and are fed into the live solo performance. The past and how it is interwoven with the current moment, my own memories and how they relate to each other, my love of sound - all these drive me to explore the outer realms of what is possible, in an attempt to connect me wholly with the instrument.

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