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Katharina Klement - Brandung


Katharina Klement  Brandung III

Composition for stereo electronics (2011)

duration: 18:15

Brandung III is the third of a series of purely ‘acousmatic’ pieces, designed for loudspeakers.  The title refers to a poem by F. G. Lorca, and follows in an associative way its strong virtual pictures in his language. „Brandung“ means surge, and the basic material is the sound of water in its different aggregate states. But it is electronically transformed in many directions and builds up a new context. The last part, Brandung IV will follow soon.

Katharina Klement was born in Graz, Austria, and is a ‘composer-performer’ in the field of notated and improvised, instrumental and electronic music.  She has participated in numerous crossover projects in the areas music-text-video-performance, several works for mechanically and electronically customised piano, sound installations, and is the founder or a member of many ensembles for improvised and composed music.

Selected discography:

CD jalousie  solos and ensemble pieces by Katharina Klement, 2012, chmafu nocords

CD t(w)o wanderes  Lynn Book, voice & electronics - Katharina Klement, piano & electronics,     2011, KalK 10

DVD granular Katharina Klement, conception & piano - Thomas Grill, live electronics - Wolfgang Reisinger,

     percussion - Alfred Reiter, recording & mastering - Billy Roisz, video,      2009, Kalk 09

CD Katharina Klement    solo- and ensemble-works by Katharina Klement,      2008,  Edition Zeitton ORF

CD USE   Katharina Klement, p - Hermann Stangassinger, db - Hannes Schweiger, perc,        2008, Kalk 08

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