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AZ #14

Bruno Guastalla - SET ENDS

Composition for quartet played by the Set Ensemble

duration: 14:40

Recorded at Oxford Brookes University, September 2011

Bruno  Guastalla has been a violin and cello maker/restorer for the past thirty five years, as well as a practising musician. Questions around perception, language and shape-making come up a lot in his work. Bruno plays cello and has collaborated amongst others with Philipp Wachsmann, Dominic Lash and the dancer Macarena Ortuzar.  He  is  a member of the SET ENSEMBLE .




The title refers to the fact that in this piece the ends of musical gestures are fixed by time markers, not the beginnings.  It was initially made for double-bass and cello, as part of a dance piece performed in Oxford. This version (recorded by Simon Reynell in 2011) is for quartet, and was played by members of SET ENSEMBLE: David Stent (guitar) Sarah Hughes (zither) Dominic Lash (doublebass) and Bruno Guastalla (cello).

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