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AZ #15

Fergus Kelly & David Lacey - Untitled Improvisation

The piece was composed from edits of duo sessions recorded in Dublin in 2011/12.

Fergus Kelly - prepared bass, feedback, percussion

David Lacey - acoustic & amplified percussion and electronics

Duration 11:21

Fergus Kelly is a sound artist from Dublin who has worked with David Lacey since 1997. He has also worked with Max Eastley, Mark Wastell, Paul Vogel, Danny McCarthy & Mick O’Shea. He plays with invented instruments, prepared bass, field recordings, electronics and percussion. He releases music through his CDR imprint, Room Temperature. A Congregation Of Vapours was released to critical acclaim in 2012 by Farpoint Recordings.

David Lacey is a musician from Dublin. He plays acoustic and amplified percussion / objects, drums and cassettes. He has longstanding playing collaborations with Rob Casey, Patrick Farmer, Daniel Jones, Fergus Kelly and Paul Vogel. He is a member of the group Chip Shop Music (with Erik Carlsson, Martin Küchen and Paul Vogel). He has had music released by Cathnor, Confront, Homefront, Mathka and Room Temperature.

Chip Shop Music:



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