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AZ #18

Antony Maubert   Untitled Improvisation (2012)

Antony Maubert - electronics

This improvisation explores complex and multilayered sounds from digital synthesis, controlled with a homemade controller, always with the aim of making digital sounds more organic.

duration  11:18

Antony Maubert is a self-taught electronic musician/composer & audio hacker. Unlike many other artists, he came late to sound experimentation and contemporary music.  During his academic studies he worked as a telephone operator, piano seller, barman, music teacher, car washer, night auditor, door-to-door salesman, school proctor, keeper, and then as a computer music teacher.  Since 2010 he has lived in Spain.

As a performer he uses amplified objects, audio programing, circuit bending, homemade instruments and hardware hacking. His electroacoustic works are based on the analysis and deconstruction of political and mass media discourse and ideologies, poetical metaphors from natural phenomena, and borderless spaces, métissages and cultural identity. His works have been performed at international festivals around Europe and South and North America.

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