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A native of New Haven, CT, double bassist and composer Daniel Barbiero has been active in improvised and experimental music and dance in the Baltimore-Washington area for several years as a performer, composer and ensemble leader. His music reflects his background in minimal, modal and open-form improvisation, and interest in verbal and graphic methods of scoring for small ensembles. In addition to his solo work, he currently is a member of the free improvisation trio Colla Parte (with saxophonist Perry Conticchio and percussionist Rich O’Meara) and is Music Director for the Nancy Havlik Dance Performance Group.

x-(y+z)=0 is one of a series of graphic compositions written and realized in the spring and summer of 2012. The series was meant to explore variations in resonance and timbre through a limited set of gestures arranged as discrete events bounded by rests of substantial length.  This performance of x-(y+z)=0 was realized on prepared double bass with minimal electronic processing.

The title equation describes the numerical distribution of events/gestures--there are 24 total, of which 12 (x) call for bowing below the bridge; 8 (y) call for bowing above/on the bridge; 4 (z) call for bowing the tailpiece.  Thus x-(y+z) = 12-(8+4) = 0.  
I am indebted to Stefan Thut for an email conversation that led to the composition of this series.

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AZ #20

Daniel Barbiero  -  x-(y+z)=0

Daniel Barbiero – prepared double bass

duration  13:10

Photo © Andrew Bossi, Flickr