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AZ #21  

Hugh Davies - Shozyg I and II (1969)

Hugh Davies & Richard Orton -  Shozygs

duration  10:22

An archive recording from 1969 with the pioneering musician Hugh Davies (1943 - 2005) playing one of his Shozygs (a self-built instrument housed inside the cover of an encyclopaedia covering the letters SHO - ZYG). On this performance he is accompanied by his friend and fellow composer Richard Orton (1940 - 2013) in a previously unpublished improvised duo.

Hugh Davies was one of the first generation of musicians involved in the ‘free improvisation’ movement that emerged in the 1960’s, working with instrumentalists such as Derek Bailey, Evan Parker, David Toop, Max Eastley etc. As well as building his own instruments, Davies was one of the first players to specialise in amplifying small sounds produced by everyday objects. Prior to working as an improviser, Davies had been an assistant to Karlheinz Stockhausen, in particular on the development of the latter’s piece ‘Mikrophonie I’.

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