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AZ #23   

Ilia Belorukov - Berlin, 2012-10-13 (live)

duration  11:07

The title refers to the track's contents. It's an improvisation concert recording made in Berlin. In October 2012 I was touring in Europe and I played alto saxophone, mini-amp, a small loudspeaker with input from iPod Touch, numerous objects to prepare the saxophone and the loudspeaker. All these elements are present in this recording.

Ilia Belorukov is a musician from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. He is a founder of Intonema label, organizer of events, co-organizer of the Teni Zvuka festival in Saint-Petersburg, and a writer for Contemporary Music magazine. Ilia has played with musicians such as Keith Rowe, Alfredo Costa Monteiro, David Stackenäs, Lucio Capece, Radu Malfatti, Birgit Ulher, Jonas Kocher, Thomas Buckner, Jack Wright, and Kurt Liedwart. Concerts and tours in Finland, Sweden, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Italy, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Romania, Hungary, Serbia, Ukraine, Russia.

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