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AZ #24

Olivier Dumont / Rodolphe Loubatière - W  session’ (2013)

Olivier Dumont-prepared guitar / Rodolphe Loubatière-snare drum

duration  17:10

The duo Dumont-Loubatière sits in improv territory, making use of rather concrete sounding elements.  The result conveys a kind of murky electroacoustic mood.

For our Anonymous Zone piece, as for any other piece, we didn't plan anything.  Our work consists above all of a truly friendly relationship, and in leaving a rather long time between every session, having musical meetings just once or twice a year. When we feel music takes an interesting turn, from our point of view, when it becomes different enough from the last time, we can think about a recording proposal/release or live tour.

We like simple, direct, rough  things. This piece is a one shot improvisation from our last meeting.

This 2013 winter recording session comes after our previous 2013 duo ‘Mouture’, which was released on Obs records.

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