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AZ #28

The Schematics - ‘Composition One’

Katt Hernandez - violin

Daniel M Karlsson - guitar, electronics

Ludwig Elblaus - electronics

Erik Blennow Calälv - bass clarinet

Duration: 9:35

The Schematics is a Swedish quartet who started out playing free improvised music together in 2010, and the year after began using a semi-structured compositional approach to developing new music.

This piece, entitled ‘Composition One’ is taken from the series ‘Four Compositions’, which was released on CD in 2011. One of Sweden’s leading newspapers rated the series five out of six and went on to say: ”The form is never manifested through melodies or rhythms, but in resonant and concentrated conditions. Neither are there any intrinsic direction, just a very strong and sensitive sense of now. This is what makes The Schematics so very special.”

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