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Olivier Toulemonde

AZ #3

Olivier Toulemonde  untitled solo improvisation

Olivier Toulemonde - acoustic objects

duration 16:15                                                    Photo : Gaëtan Bulourde

Olivier Toulemonde is an improviser, composer and phonographer who plays acoustic objects and amplified springs. 

In 1993, he was a co-founder of "Collectif Ishtar" (in Bourg-en-Bresse) together with 20 other musicians and dancers. A year later, he joined "Collectif et Compagnie" (in Annecy), where he first started working with electro-acoustic music.  He has composed music for installations, videos, films, radio and theatre pieces.

He plays improvised music with acoustic objects or amplified springs. He has played at countless European Festivals and plays often with N. Desmarchelier, M. Vorfeld, M. Thieke, M. Doneda, C. Sehnaoui, M. Forge, A. Palier, J. Wright...

He works on listening, sound research and the relationship between sound and space, and his most recent CD releases are on Another Timbre (‘Pie’n’Mash’ with Mathias Forge), Compost and Height (2009), FFHHH (Crickxstraat, with Agnes Palier), and Monotype Records (Le Terrier, with Michel Doneda and Nicholas Desmarchelier).

The untitled solo improvisation was recorded live on 10.02.12 at Oberdeck (Hannover) by Pit Noack.

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