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AZ #31

‘Sunny Friday‘

an improvisation by

Seiji Morimoto (electronics) and Piotr Tkacz (turntable + objects)

duration: 9:36

Seiji Morimoto and Piotr Tkacz met when Seiji had an exhibition in Poznań's Naprzeciw Gallery in May 2012. Later Tkacz invited Morimoto to play at an improvised concert series that he co-organises in Poznań called Warsztat dźwięków (Sounds Workshop). After playing as a duo they decided to continue working together. In January 2013 they recorded in Berlin and the results were released as "Snowy Sunday" (because it was snowing while they were recording and it was Sunday) in April on the Audiomat label.

In July, on a sunny Friday, they did another improvised session and the track above is part of the outcome.

http://www.seijimorimoto.comthe outcome.

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