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AZ #34

‘508/loop_detected/étude.1.1-2’ by Antoine Läng

Antoine Läng - voice, megaphones, multi-track loop station

Duration: 10:42

‘508/loop_detected/étude.1.1-2’ is a piece for solo voice, brass megaphones and a multitrack loop station.  The vocal performance, starting as a solo, is recorded from the beginning with a random speed and length and is played back once the end of the loop is reached.

The loop acts like a frame to the performance, constantly playing. Layers are recorded on separate tracks as the loop is playing, with a control on the loops volumes and pitch generated by the speed control of the loop. The approach to the voice is non-idiomatic and focused on noise textures. Within this frame, the performance is improvised.

Antoine Läng is a vocalist from Geneva, Switzerland. He builds an important part of his work around the raw voice, peripheral sounds and parasites, intimate and incidental noises as well as strategies of abstraction - restoration of these sounds as musical material and their projection - dissemination in the space. His work is situated somewhere between electroacoustic and noise music and involves extended techniques and acoustic devices (megaphone amplification or electronic treatment).

He is also part of Insubordinations and Akouphène, two associations promoting improvisation and experimental music in Switzerland.

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