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AZ #4

Keith Rowe   Unsettlingly Horizontal

Keith Rowe - guitar and electronics

duration 10:15

Keith Rowe is one of the best known figures within improvised music.  He was the first musician to play ‘table-top guitar’, transforming the instrument’s sound-producing capabilities by laying it flat.  For many years he was a member of the improvising group AMM, playing alongside musicians such as Cornelius Cardew, Eddie Prevost and John Tilbury.  Since the 1990’s he has played with many other improvisers in various formations, as well as developing a distinctive approach to solo playing.

The solo piece for The Anonymous Zone was recorded at home near Nantes in France. Keith writes about it:  “In a room a young boy is listening to test match special on BBC radio 4 long wave 198 kHz. through a Philips D1875/00X, his mother once again request he cleans his teeth using a Braun electric toothbrush type 4736.... but he is too distracted playing a Nintendo DSi... Korg DS-10 plus by Xseed.”

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