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AZ #6

Lee Patterson - A Spiral Ornament

duration: 16:00

Primarily concerned with the sound of things, Lee Patterson attempts to understand elements of his surroundings and culture through the act of listening. The related use of sound recording as a method to educate perception has led to a variety of projects scattered across various disciplines.

Collaborative projects have resulted in screenings with Luke Fowler, and releases with David Toop and Rhodri Davies, Lucio Capece, Graham Halliwell, Phil Durrant and Paul Vogel, Adam Bohman and Mark Wastell, amongst others. He recently contributed to the box set, Wandelweiser und so weiter.  Temperament as waveform with Vanessa Rossetto was released in March 2013.

Solo releases include Egg Fry #2 and Seven Vignettes.

He resides and works in Prestwich near Manchester.

A Spiral Ornament uses recordings of a steel spiral ornament (the kind of cheap shit new age tat often found in the rooms of stoners / students during the 1990’s, then commonly found in the choicest of charity shops during the early 21st century) prepared with a paper clip, amplified by a cardboard tube and struck with a series of improvised mallets, edited and shaped to remove most of the attack sounds, creating continuous forms.

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