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Bruno Duplant - From Wind and Waves

Bruno Duplant is a composer, improviser and multi-instrumentist (double bass, percussion, electronics, phonography...) living in the north of France. He has collaborated with lot of instrumentalists around the globe and has also made solo works for such labels as B-Boim, Engraved Glass, Peira, Ilse, Impulsive Habitat, Con-v, Unfathomless, Et le feu comme matière formatable technologiquement, Audiotong, Insubordinations and his own label curated with Pedro Chambel, Rhizome.s...  

For him, composing, playing, improvising music is like imagining, creating and sometimes decomposing new spaces/realities, new entities. But it is also a reflection on ‘memory’, not the historic one, but a memory of all things, spaces & moments.

His new works, mostly based on phonographies & graphic scores, perfectly reflect that.

The piece between wind & waves is a graphic score. Each musician interpreted it and the title independently as they felt fit, creating a hybrid but coherent sound entity.

The piece is dedicated to Michael Pisaro.

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AZ #8

Bruno Duplant  between wind and waves

Bruno Duplant - electronic devices

Angelica Castello - contrabass recorder

Pedro Chambel - microphone and amp

Sally Anne McIntyre - phonography

Lee Noyes - piano

duration: 20:00