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Nicolás Carrasco Díaz

“Some incidences meet, few or many ― a score, an énoncé, a place (Santa María della Pietà, an 18th century church in Venice), a recording (a machine, a format, a noise floor, a position, a duration), a time (a Monday morning, a July 17th), a work (a listening, a visit, a journey, a commission from Simon Reynell, an edition), a person.                

These incidences come together in a situation that does not precede its component parts. The meetings, quotes and events jump over each other, collide, fold, unfold; they lodge each other, or have the floor taken from under their feet; they erode and spill over each other; they open paths everywhere ("All is permanently drifting, thus we might say: There is no outside the performative"): an activity of clearing, of "eradicating the situation in which it is". Thus, politics. A "situational declination of the event" (or the encounter, or the quotation), or "a protraction of a singularity" (or an encounter, or a quotation)?

This is called an actualisation because the actuality is cited in its present: the incidences snatch away the conviction that is sheltered in a casual hearing.”

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