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Link to video   duration 10:05


Johnny Chang / Koen Nutters / Eva-Fiore Kovacovsky

“Time period: 30 May & 05 June 2013, 2pm.

Location: apartment building, Berlin-Kreuzberg.

Konzert Minimal presented a realisation of Manfred Werder's 2005/1 in video form. The video is a combination of two layers of behaviour, as characterised by two modes of input by the performers; listening and seeing - recorded from two rehearsal sessions.

The audio consists of white noise and sine tones played by Koen Nutters (laptop) and radio static played by Johnny Chang (radio), whilst visual artist Eva-Fiore Kovacovsky operates a Nikon D7000 camera, preparing and capturing one image in the 10 minute period.

The video shows Into the woods, 2007 by Kovacovsky, filmed by Chang during the first rehearsal session.”