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Choi Joonyong - Architectural Model Making

The room is divided into quarters: the length of the recording space.

Each player is assigned a number from 1 - 4 (these are the numbers shown on the left side of square blocks on the score).

Each square on the score indicates one step per minute by each player.

Instrument: an electric fan for each player.

Before recording:

1. place a microphone in the centre

2. players stand in four directions (north, south, east, west) with a fan each (turned off)

3. players take a number of steps backwards from the microphone according to the number of squares they are assigned in the score.

(player 1: 4 steps, player 2: 8 steps, player 3: 12 steps, player 4: 16 steps)


1. [start] players turn on their fans.

2. [1min. ~ 16min.] players take one step forward to the microphone at the start of each minute as per the number indicated on the squares.

3. [end] when players have taken the number of steps they were assigned they turn off the fan immediately and just stand still until player 4's fan is turned off.

※ mistake: dynamics assigned to number 1~4 were changed between number 1~2 and 3~4.

※ sound from drain was unintentionally recorded at the end.

players: Hong Chulki, Lee Miyeon, Choi Sehee, Choi Joonyong

2014/10/28 at Mullae Art Factory, Seoul

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Still from the video recording of Choi Joonyong’s realisation