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Matt Davis

“To be honest I struggled with the minimal (rather than minimalist) nature of the score, probably because it's my assumption that all music is a kind of space (and therefore place) and also temporal (time). And, of course, that music is sounds. So the score felt a little too open for me. Perhaps a little too close to what I do to use it as a limitation or point of departure.

Having a 15 minute maximum meant that the 'time' element could not really be used in a particularly durational way. An option would be to use field recordings but I did not feel there was enough in the score to think about that. It was not something I really wanted to do either.

Therefore I used a set up I have been working on for a short while – playing electromagnetic fields using light bulbs and other electrical devices (such as a fly-catcher). The intention is that the sounds appear as a kind of field recording but without really being suggestive of 'another place'.

In other words, an image of a part of place/space we are not usually aware of, a different dimension, using your hi-fi as the cypher: a kind of field recording of your stereo equipment.

The piece was done in one take (although there were more than several attempts) with no edits, which is a part of the score in that what you hear is a specific place and time.”

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