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Devin DiSanto

“For this realization of Manfred Werder's 2005(1) I focused on an event that occured around my apartment building, the place that is most familiar to me.

During a period of time, a group of people disassembled several tents outside of the building while my wife packed clothing and other items into a bag inside our apartment. I decided to make a recording of this moment because it expanded my awareness / understanding of this familiar place.

I made the recording as I sat between these two activities and listened. During this time I could hear sounds arriving continuously from many different locations.The overall atmosphere and combination of different sounds that are present on the recording occurred outside the realm of possibility from what I had previously heard and experienced in this place.

This brief recording is a representation of a point where I could hear several of the locations that comprised this place.”

Play track   duration 2:13