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Bruno Guastalla

“I went to French Guyana in April 2013, and recorded the sounds of dusk in the primary forest. A prominent feature in being there is an alertness which seems to operate on many levels. Of course from where I sit, close to where the mics are, but also on a quite different level: one's own alertness shifts to an alertness of all alertness, of the myriad of centres (places) of sentience and action, thus the myriad of intersecting decaying (time) spheres (of sound, since it is sound I am examining) which relate (but how?) to more actions.

There is nothing new in this, it is millions of years old and it is everywhere. The primary forest, in its frightening awakeness tends to focus and clarify the facts. The religion of the markets and its desolate and reductionist take on the relationship of part and whole, as well as its refusal to admit to the conditioned nature of our existence, is mocked mercilessly by these sounds.

As the band of frequencies on the recording starts at around 3khz, for this realisation of 2005/1 I have gradually added and faded out some double and quadruple lower octave doublings across part of it, which may highlight the abundance of sound sources.

Recorded 3km north of PK5, Route de Mana, Commune de Saint Laurent du Maroni, Guyane Francaise. 8th April 2013”

Play track   duration 14:58