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Anett Németh

“Having spent some time over the past two years creating realisations of Manfred Werder’s scores, I decided for this project to try to forget what I know about Manfred’s ideas and approach the piece naively, responding to the score with as few preconceptions as possible. So, following the layout on the page, my interpretation divided the piece into two separate parts: Ort/Zeit (place/time), and Klänge (sounds).

For Ort/Zeit I used a 5-minute extract from a field recording that I made by placing microphones on the window sill of my bathroom during a stormy night.

For Klänge I constructed an 8-minute piece using sounds suggested by the field recording.  This was not an attempt to recreate the field recording, but an autonomous piece that acquired its own momentum while remaining rooted in sounds similar to those heard in the original recording.  The sounds were created using bass-clarinet, bottles, lengths of plastic and cardboard tubing, and other household objects. Some of the sounds were then manipulated using simple electronic processes (pitch shifting and reverberation).

I cannot judge whether the end product is a valid realisation of 2005(1), or even truly remains a piece by Manfred Werder, but perhaps that isn’t important. Not to me at least.”

Play track   duration 12:53