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Olivier Toulemonde

Olivier Toulemonde - Architectural Model Making

For this piece I associated the four lines in the score with four different combinations of objects - a ball in a bowl, a wooden rod with styrofoam, CB antennas, and a metal rod with a bow. The most difficult thing was managing everything in a nuanced way, especially at the beginning when every line starts from silence. I used acoustic objects, rubbing them on a table to put them in vibration. So the first and quietest sounds are the most difficult for me to obtain because they stay exactly on the border between sound and silence. It was interesting to work on this border, and I really enjoyed confronting this strong determined score with the fragile way in which I play my acoustic objects - which sometimes go out of control and don't easily follow direct lines. In the end I had the feeling that my realisation doesn't "look" like the score, although I tried to follow it strictly. But maybe that's the most interesting point...

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