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Gil Sansón

“I made a recording of 2005/1 late at night, so with plenty of crickets, frogs and so on.  Every so often, a car passes, and three times across the duration you can hear a tuning fork in E. I wanted to include a direct political reference, or at least an element that points to politics as actuality without directly (or even obliquely) pointing to a specific political event, which in my mind would not be justified by the score and would thus be improper.

There are so many ways in which a tuning fork in E could be seen in its political dimension (the political dimensions of choosing equal temperament as a standard, for instance), but at the same time it is simply a sound frequency. In a way one doesn't need to deal with musical matters (timbre, harmony, melody, orchestration, etc) for it to be an interesting and in my opinion valid element in this realisation of the score. A paradox, really, as it is a somewhat neutral element that still carries a lot of weight, a conceptual pill, if you want, which I hope mixes well with the sounds from the recording environment.”

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