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Kirill Shirokov

“4 actualisations of Werder’s 2005¹:

I: place — inside the tiny plastic box, time — 2'32'';

II: place — inside the PC, time — 2'30'';

III: place — inside the refregerator, time — 3'37'';

IV: place — outside the doors, time — 1'46''.

Every place is the thing, every thing is the place.

The beauty of 2005¹ inter alia lies in the possibility of the complete absence of the performer throughout the piece. So the performer's act is only in decision-making.

The decision is a kind of delineation of a place / thing territory, and a presentation of how different places / things sound. There is no human intervention, except that the microphone sometimes changes its position by chance. Apart from in the outdoor actualisation, most of the sound’s surface irregularities are due to small movements of the microphone.

Because the recording device is also the thing (place?), throughout every actualisation there is the background “empty” input signal transformed into white noise by the recorder.”

Play track   duration 11:20