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Stefan Thut

“The score 2005 (1) invited me to find a place and time to spend with the score and to document my activity through an audio recording.

The bracketed word in the score [Klänge] led me to question whether there is a possibility of 'bracketing out sounds' in a given situation. I was looking to go beyond the idea of refraining from adding sounds by any instrumental means. Knowing about the world of sounds likely to be encountered on Shrove Tuesday, I chose this date to perform the activity around the score. I started by leaving my hometown and going to a place one kilometre away in order to establish a distance from the sounds of the afternoon's parade. Then to further bracket out the sounds of the day I applied equalizing around predominant frequencies to let them intermingle with the surroundings. Having discovered a hidden aspect of the score, I found a particular amalgam of sound that was still bound to the place and time where the initial recording was made.”

Play track   duration 10:10