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Melaine Dalibert Ryoko Akama - places and pages Sabat Harmony During a Lifetime Bow Spit Veleta Drifter

at82        Frank Denyer


at78   ‘sometimes we all disappear’

Jamie Drouin & Lance Austin Olsen


seaside ffansion illogical harmonies d'Angiolini clarinet and piano

at74x2    Laurence Crane

‘Chamber Works 1992 - 2009’

Apartment House



LL Partial Noe Cuellar & Joseph Clayton Mills Skogen Magnus Granberg  'Despairs had Governed Me Too Long' Martin Iddon  'pneuma' Christian Kesten, Mark Trayle duo   Annette Krebs  Berlin series no.2 laurence crane chamber works 1992-2009 apartment house berlin series no.5 konzert minimal antoine beuger Joseph Kudirka - beauty and industry granberg how deep common objects Anders Dahl & Skogen - Rows extinguishment Antoine Beuger - Cantor Quartets frey grizzana Feldman Piano John Lely Akama Duplant Lash drouin olsen Konzert Minimal Beuger Sabine Vogel catherine lamb - three bodies (moving) unbalanced in (unbalanced out) Despairs - Skogen atto - osvaldo coluccino Vessels Mouth to Mouth ist gefallen in den schee - skogen magnus granberg Goldsmiths John Tilbury John Lely Angharad Davies Rhodri Davies Lucio Capece  Awareness About Jurg Frey guitarist alone  Cristian Alvear Marek Poliks  hull treader Bryn Harrison Receiving the Approaching Memory Linda catlin Smith  Dirt Road illogical harmonies  Johnny Chang Mike Majkowski Ffansion / Fancies  Angharad Davies  Tisha Mukarji berlin series no.5 konzert minimal antoine beuger saunders assigned Pneuma

at99     Angharad Davies

& Tisha Mukarji

‘Ffansion | Fancies’

at98     illogical harmonies


Johnny Chang & Mike Majkowski

at97    Linda Catlin Smith

‘Dirt Road’

at96       Bryn Harrison

‘Receiving the Approaching Memory’

Resonators - Irene Kepl, Petr Vrba, George Cremaschi d'incise  appalachian anatolia  cristian alvear giuliano d'angiolini  cantilena Dante Boon - clarinet (and piano) Jurg Frey John Tilbury Dirar Kalash John Lely Christian Wolff 'Seaside'

at100         ‘Seaside’

John Tilbury, Dirar Kalash,

John Lely & Christian Wolff

at95      Marek Poliks

             ‘hull treader’

at94x2        Jürg Frey

guitarist, alone

Cristian Alvear, guitar

at93        Lucio Capece  

Awareness about

at92         Goldsmiths

Tilbury, Davies, Lely et al.

at91          Jürg Frey

‘Circles and Landscapes’

Philip Thomas, piano

at90 Klaus Filip & Leonel Kaplan ‘tocando fondo’

at103           d’incise

‘Appalachian Anatolia’

Cristian Alvear, guitar

at102   Giuliano d’Angiolini


at101        Dante Boon

‘clarinet (and piano)’

Jürg Frey, clarinet

at104        Resonators

Irene Kepl, George Cremaschi

& Petr Vrba

at89       Joseph Kudirka  

‘Beauty and Industry’

Apartment House

at88      James Saunders  

‘assigned #15’  

Apartment House

at87    Magnus Granberg

‘How Deep is the Ocean,

How High is the Sky?’

at86x2       Jürg Frey  


Ensemble Grizzana

at85x2   Common Objects

‘Whitewashed with Lines’

Butcher, Davies, Patterson et al.

at84      Magnus Granberg

‘would fall from the sky,

would wither and die’

at83     ‘Extinguishment’

Billy Gomberg & Anne Guthrie

at81x2   Morton Feldman

‘Two Pianos’

John Tilbury & Philip Thomas

at80          John Lely

‘The Harmonics of Real Strings’

Anton Lukoszevieze, cello

at79       ‘next to nothing’

Ryoko Akama, Bruno Duplant

& Dominic Lash

at77      Antoine Beuger

‘tschirtner tunings for twelve’

Konzert Minimal

at76        Sabine Vogel


at75       Roananax 1999

+ Obliq 2014

marek poliks

at73   Annette Krebs - ‘rush’

+ Christian Kesten & Mark Trayle  ‘Field with Figures’

at72        Martin Iddon


at71  Magnus Granberg & Skogen

‘Despairs Had Governed

Me Too Long’

at70        Partial - ‘LL’

Noé Cuéllar &

Joseph Clayton Mills

at69        Bryn Harrison


PhilipThomas, piano

at68r         Ingrid Lee  

‘Mouth to Mouth’

at67  ‘Variable Formations’

Tilbury, Davies, Chang et al.

at66      Richard Glover

‘Logical Harmonies’

at65r      Ferran Fages

‘Radi d’Or’

at64    Skogen & Anders Dahl  


at63      Christoph Schiller


at62x2   Antoine Beuger

‘Cantor Quartets’

at61    Osvaldo Coluccino


at60  Inframince | Immensity

Michael Thieke & Olivier Toulemonde


Lucio Capece & Jamie Drouin

at59       ‘Public Private’

Atolón + Chip Shop Music

at58      Lee Patterson &

Vanessa Rossetto

‘Temperament as Waveform’

at57         John Cage

‘Cartridge Music’


‘Wandelweiser und so weiter’

6-disc box set

at55         ‘Chantier 1’

Pascal Battus, Bertrand Gauguet

& Eric La Casa

at54r     Catherine Lamb

‘three bodies (moving)’

at53r   Barry Chabala a.o.

‘Unbalanced In (Unbalanced Out)’

at52             ‘Kolk’

Christoph Schiller & Birgit Ulher

at51         ‘Outwash’

Angharad Davies, Tisha Mukarji, & Dimitra Lazaridou-Chatzigoga

at50     Osvaldo Coluccino



at49             ‘Pinna’

Tim Blechmann & Klaus Filip

at48           ‘Thread’

Annette Krebs, Anthea Caddy

& Magda Mayas

at47 ‘Ist gefallen in den Schnee’

Magnus Granberg & Skogen

anett nemeth a opauper's guide to john cage no islands  - stepehn cornford, patrick farmer, sarah hughes, kostis kilymis droplets dominic lash patrick farmer sarah hughes james saunders - divisions.... cantor quartets oltreorme Inframince Immensity atolon chip shop spiral inputs dying sun ingar zach nikos veliotis martin kuchen michael pisaro fields have ears philip thomas wunderkammern  david toop lee patterson rhodri davies arena ladridos chris cogburn bhob rainey bonnie jones john cage Four4

at-b08     Anett Németh

‘A Pauper’s Guide to John Cage’

at46        ‘No Islands’

Improvisations +

John Cage’s ‘Four 6’

at44     James Saunders

‘divsions that could be autonomous….’

at43      ‘Caisson’

Jez riley French, Daniel Jones

& Ivan Palackŷ

at42       ‘Grape Skin’

Michel Doneda, Jonas Kocher

& Christoph Schiller

at41       ‘Choices’

Lucio Capece & Birgit Ulher

at45       ‘Droplets’     

Dominic Lash, Patrick Farmer

& Sarah Hughes

Giles U   Christoph Schiller   Carl Ludwig Hubsch AD  Axel Dorner  Angharad Davies nella basilica  roberto fabbriciani & robin hayward Thread no islands anett nemeth Skogen droplets the middle distance  chris burn simon fell  philipthomas the cat from cat hill patrick farmer  sarah hughes  daniel jones arethusa wade matthews stephane rives arena ladridos dying sun fields have ears wunderkammern

at40        ‘Horsky Park’

Thomas Lehn &

Tiziana Bertoncini

at39       ‘Spiral Inputs’

Sophie Angel, Andrea Neumann

& Bertrand Gauguet

at38        ‘Dying Sun’


at37      Michael Pisaro

‘Fields Have Ears’

at36    ‘Wunderkammern’

Rhodri Davies, David Toop

& Lee Patterson

at35       ‘Arena Ladridos’

Chris Cockburn, Bonnie Jones

& Bhob Rainey

at34         John Cage


at33         ‘Pie ‘n’ Mash’

Mathias Forge &

Olivier Toulemonde

at32          ‘Giles U.’

Carl Ludwig Hübsch

& Christoph Schiller

at31             ‘A.D.’

Angharad Davies

& Axel Dörner

cage four4 decentred Giles U A.D. kuchen rowe wright electricals EKG centre of mass - alfredo costa monteiro toot two: axel dorner thomas lehn phil minton blasen - sebastian lexer & seymour wright turned moment and we disappear 'for hugh davies' - hugh davies + adam bohman / lee patterson / mark wastell hugh davies performances de las piedras - esteban algora, alessandra rombola & ingar zach obdo - frederic blondy & thomas lehn endspace - angharad davies & tisha mukarji hum - rhodri davies, matt davis, samantha rebello & bechir saade contest of pleasures sophie agnel phil minton

at30      ‘Nella Basilica’

Roberto Fabbriciani

& Robin Hayward  

at29   ‘Kuchen Rowe Wright’

Martin Küchen, Keith Rowe

& Seymour Wright

at26   ‘Crepuscular Rays’

Toshimaru Nakamura

& Håvard Volden  

at27            ‘Duet’

Martine Altenburger

& John Russell

at28         ‘Corgroc’  

Ap’strophe (Ferran Fages &

Dimitra Lazaridou-Chatzigoga)

at-b07   Turned moment

Stephen Cornford

& Samuel Rodgers

at24   ‘The Middle Distance’

Chris Burn, Simon H Fell

& Philip Thomas

at25       Magda Mayas


at23    ‘and we disappear’  

The Sealed Knot

at22       ‘Empty Matter’

Lucio Capece & Lee Patterson  

at20          Arethusa

Wade Matthews

& Stéphane Rives

at-b03     ‘Loiter Volcano’

Paul Abbott, Léo Dumont

& Ute Kanngiesser

at21    The Cat from Cat Hill  

Loris (Patrick Farmer, Sarah Hughes & Daniel Jones)

at-b06        ‘Scrub’

Léo Dumont & Matt Milton

at-b05       ‘Meshes’

Mathias Forge, Phil Julian

& David Papapostolou

at-b04 Control and its Opposites

Jamie Coleman, Grundik

Kasyansky & Seymour Wright

at19   ‘Midhopestones’

Rhodri Davies, Michel Doneda, Louisa Martin, Phil Minton

& Lee Patterson

at18         ‘Decentred’  

John Cage, Michael Pisaro

Tom Chant, Angharad Davies, Benedict Drew & John Edwards

at-b02   ‘Dark Architecture’

Max Eastley & Rhodri Davies


at17           ‘Lúnula’

Ruth Barberán, Alfredo Costa Monteiro, Ferran Fages

& Margarida Garcia

at16       ‘EKG - Electricals’

Kyle Bruckmann & Ernst Karel

at15   ‘Kravis Rhonn Project’

Annette Krebs & Rhodri Davies

at-b01    ‘Centre of Mass’

Alfredo Costa Monteiro

at14      ‘TOOT- Two’

Axel Dörner, Thomas Lehn

& Phil Minton

at13          ‘Blasen’

Sebastian Lexer

& Seymour Wright

at12             ‘Dun’

Matt Davis , Matt Milton

& Bechir Saade

at-r01     Hugh Davies

‘Performances 1969 - 1977’

at11     ‘For Hugh Davies’

Hugh Davies + Adam Bohman, Lee Patterson & Mark Wastell

at10      ‘Lost Daylight’  

Terry Jennings, John Cage

John Tilbury & Sebastian Lexer    

at09   ‘ las piedras’

Esteban Algora, Alessandra Rombolá & Ingar Zach

at07          ‘Obdo’

Frédéric Blondy  

& Thomas Lehn

at06   ‘A Life Saved…’

Max Eastley, Graham Halliwell, Evan Parker, Mark Wastell

at05        ‘endspace’

Angharad Davies  

& Tisha Mukarji

at04            ‘Hum’

Rhodri Davies, Bechir Saade, Matt Davis, Samantha Rebello

at02          ‘Tasting’

Sophie Agnel  & Phil Minton    

at01      ‘Tempestuous’   

 John Butcher, Xavier Charles & Axel Dörner

frank denyer - music for shakuhachi frank denyer - music for shakuhachi

at03       Frank Denyer

Music for Shakuhachi

Yoshikazu Iwamoto

frank denyer - music for shakuhachi

at08  ‘An Account of my Hut’

Clive Bell & Bechir Saade

arethusa wade matthews stephane rives hugh davies performances 'for hugh davies' - hugh davies + adam bohman / lee patterson / mark wastell lost daylight de las piedras - esteban algora, alessandra rombola & ingar zach midhopestones decentred dark architecture kravis rhonn project centre of mass - alfredo costa monteiro toot two: axel dorner thomas lehn phil minton blasen - sebastian lexer & seymour wright

at105x2  Linda Catlin Smith


at106      Martin Arnold

‘The Spit Veleta’

Philip Thomas / Mira Benjamin

at107    Isaiah Ceccarelli


at108   Chiyoko Szlavnics

‘During a Lifetime’

at109       Marc Sabat


The Jack Quartet

at110x2    Ryoko Akama

’places and pages’

at111    Melaine Dalibert


at112     ‘spinet & violin’

Christoph Schiller &

Morgan Evans-Weiler

at113        Morton Feldman

Piano, Violin, Viola, Cello

at114     Antoine Beuger

Ockeghem Octets

at115x2      Jurg Frey

‘Collection Gustave Roud’

at116        Olivia Block

at117  Insub Meta Orchestra

‘13 & 27’

at118        John Cage

‘Winter Music’

Tilbury, Thomas, Knoop, Laws

at119        Clara de Asis

  Do Nothing

at120x2     Bruno Duplant

‘Chamber and Field Works’

Suidobashi Chamber Ensemble

at121       ‘Early to Late’

Jurg Frey & Magnus Granberg Ensemble Grizzana

at122      Taku Sugimoto


Taku Sugimoto & Cristian Alvear

an account of my hut a life saved by a spider and two doves Roananax Obliq kolk tierce - caisson grape skin choices horsky park lunula loiter volcano control meshes scrub tse cage two2 Granberg schwindelt O Zomer Alex Jang Lance Austin Olsen Miller Just So Wanderer Viola Torros

at123        Tse

     Schiller / Martel / Bondi

at124x2      John Cage


at125     Magnus Granberg

         ‘Es schwindelt mir….’

at126    Cassandra Miller

               ‘O Zomer!’

at131x2     Viola Torros

Catherine Lamb & Johnny Chang

at130    Linda Catlin Smith


at129   Cassandra Miller

               ‘Just So’

at128   Lance Austin Olsen

             ‘Dark Heart’

at127    Alex Jang

   ‘Momentary Encounters’

Fages Un lloc Mark R Taylor lines and tracings

at134   ‘lines and tracings’

       Morgan Evans-Weiler

            & Michael Pisaro

at133     Mark R Taylor


         Teodora Stepančić

at132     Ferran Fages

   ‘Un lloc entre dos records’